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HEBEI GRAIN GROUP FOOD SALES COMPANY LTD.(HBGGFSC)has been engaged both international and domestic food trading since 2012, specialized in grain, oil, green food and selected imported food. As a holding company of state-owned HEBEI GRAIN GROUP CO., LTD, HBGGFSC focuses on supplying high-grade products to our customers and is playing a crucial role in campaign of achieving food security and ensuring food safety of Hebei Province.



     China’s demand of high-quality meat is growing rapidly driven by a growing need of domestic market. We have imported 500FCLs and achieved USD 50 MILLIONS value of contract in frozen product business annually since 2016. Our frozen product business includes importing beef, sheep and goat meat, pork and chicken parts from Southeast Asia, South American and Australasia regions.


    Grain is a long-lasting business of HBGGFSC as it is associated with our mission in achieving food security. Barley, peanut and flaxseed are our main grain products, which have a 100,000-ton annual importing values USD 40 million. The company has been running a peanut importing business for 2 years. Furthermore, we are also opening new market in grain business. Aside from domestic selling, HBGGFSC holds 51% share of Hebei Jiliang Sihai Development Industrial Co., Ltd.. Hebei Jiliang Sihai Development Industrial Co., Ltd. is a malting company and capable to produce 200,000.00 tons of brewing malt every year. The Jiliang Sihai has signed long-term contracts for supplying brewing malt to several Chinese leading brewery companies including CR Snow, Tsingtao and Yanjing, thus we now have a growing need for brewing barley. Flaxseed is also a preferred product for us to import and sell in domestic market.


    To meet the demand of high-grade products in domestic market, it is our responsibility to introduce selected products for Hebei people as a state-owned company. We have an increasing need for importing high-grade fruits, especially those from southern hemisphere. Currently, our fruit business includes cherry, gold kiwifruit and other high-grade fruits.